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Term paper translated

Actually, this has been lying around on my harddrive since before I left the CCF, but only now have I had the opportunity to update my blog and upload the English version of my term paper Behavioural Studies On Cheetahs In Captivity (PDF, 253 KB). A slightly updated version of the German version is also available: Verhaltensstudien an Geparden in Gefangenschaft (PDF, 255 KB).

As always, comments are very welcome. If you have any suggestions or complaints, feel free to email me at 🙂

Also, I have uploaded a huge amount of images to my online gallery at DeviantArt. Please have a look at some pictures and let me know what you think. See some examples here:
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Here we go again…

Sorry about my lack of activity here, but I’ve been rather busy and/or distracted.

However, I have good news (well, mostly only for me, but they’re still good news): I’ll be leaving for Namibia on August 30th and will be visiting the Cheetah Conservation Fund once more, this time for a full six weeks. I’m already busy with travel preparations, of course.

I will no longer be using the T+ hour… thingy, just because calculating the time passed since a certain point in time takes almost as long as writing a blog entry. No, just kidding, but it’s getting old quickly.

I will be there together with my friend Markus who has his own blog called Sunspots now. He also has an image gallery at DeviantArt.

Oh, and I have one as well – I’ve decided to upload many pictures both from the CCF and elsewhere to image galleries such as DeviantArt, Flickr and FotoCommunity for more people to know about the Cheetah Conservation Fund.

I might be in Namibia already when typing the next post, so see you there!


T+5091 hours: Term paper graded!

The bad news first: It took me almost a month to write this post. The good news: my paper has been graded and I have a grade of 13 (out of 15), which translates into an A- (or 1- in the German system)! 😀

I’m actually quite happy with it, considering most of my ‘mistakes’ were not directly related to the topic itself but because of formatting and some left out things (some quotations or explanations). I had 13 points in the written part and 14 points in the oral examination that follows the correction. It’s used to make sure one really wrote the report all by oneself. If you’d like to see it, you can download the PDF here (248 KB). I will update it as I remove or rework whatever was criticised.

So… yes, quite happy right now. 🙂

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T-6 days: blog set up and status

Very well, the blog seems to be fully operational by now. Unfortunately, users of Internet Explorer 7 won’t be able to enjoy reading this blog since it ignores some of the design specifications thanks to its refusal to interpret CSS stylesheets correctly. IE 6 works fine, though. I may have to work around this when I’m back, until then, please use Firefox, Opera, Flock or any other browser of your choice able to cope with web standards. Nevermind, I corrected it. You should use a different browser, anyway.

If you want to contact me, feel free to do so using ccf {at} jasiri {dot} de – I’ll be monitoring this account for the next few years 😉

I’m getting more nervous with every hour that passes. I just hope everything’s going to be okay once I’m in Namibia… then again, I should worry about getting there first and foremost.

Also, if you were wondering what I’m going to do while with the CCF… I don’t know exactly, but I guess and hope there’ll be a bit of everything. Officially, I’m going there because I will study the cheetah’s behaviour in captivity for my research paper which is needed for my Abitur (my final secondary-school examinations), but since I’m currently aiming to study Biology this trip might prove to be an excellent preparation. 🙂

If you don’t know about the Cheetah Conservation Fund, I recommend you visit their website. You’ll find extensive information about the cheetah’s race for survival there and how the CCF is trying to help. If you want to help, you can do so by donating!

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