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Arrived in Windhoek!

Hello world!

After a long and rather comfortable flight (due to the plane being basically only half-full) Markus and I have touched down in Windhoek. We’re now (at this very moment) waiting for other volunteers to arrive. We’ve now met Christina Martin, but are still waiting for two others before our CCF contact arrives.

Markus bought a 120 minute card for the wireless connection, so I will stay online for another 60 minutes or so (or until my battery runs empty). Markus said he would be trying to update his blog as well, so keep on the watch for news!


Here we go again…

Sorry about my lack of activity here, but I’ve been rather busy and/or distracted.

However, I have good news (well, mostly only for me, but they’re still good news): I’ll be leaving for Namibia on August 30th and will be visiting the Cheetah Conservation Fund once more, this time for a full six weeks. I’m already busy with travel preparations, of course.

I will no longer be using the T+ hour… thingy, just because calculating the time passed since a certain point in time takes almost as long as writing a blog entry. No, just kidding, but it’s getting old quickly.

I will be there together with my friend Markus who has his own blog called Sunspots now. He also has an image gallery at DeviantArt.

Oh, and I have one as well – I’ve decided to upload many pictures both from the CCF and elsewhere to image galleries such as DeviantArt, Flickr and FotoCommunity for more people to know about the Cheetah Conservation Fund.

I might be in Namibia already when typing the next post, so see you there!