Here we go again…

Sorry about my lack of activity here, but I’ve been rather busy and/or distracted.

However, I have good news (well, mostly only for me, but they’re still good news): I’ll be leaving for Namibia on August 30th and will be visiting the Cheetah Conservation Fund once more, this time for a full six weeks. I’m already busy with travel preparations, of course.

I will no longer be using the T+ hour… thingy, just because calculating the time passed since a certain point in time takes almost as long as writing a blog entry. No, just kidding, but it’s getting old quickly.

I will be there together with my friend Markus who has his own blog called Sunspots now. He also has an image gallery at DeviantArt.

Oh, and I have one as well – I’ve decided to upload many pictures both from the CCF and elsewhere to image galleries such as DeviantArt, Flickr and FotoCommunity for more people to know about the Cheetah Conservation Fund.

I might be in Namibia already when typing the next post, so see you there!