Finally – cheetahs!

Today started just like any other day so far – I got to clean the goat pens. This time the largest one was to be cleaned as well as one other. Because we only have two shovels (of which one is about the size of a toy shovel) and two wheelbarrows (with one being… difficult to handle), this took us quite some time. Believe me, goats poop a lot.

We were about half an hour late when Matt came to fetch us for feeding. The “girls” – 17 female cheetahs in Bellebenno – needed to be fed, after all. Too bad I didn’t bring my camera with me because there were some really nice photo opportunities I thus missed. We actually fed only 16 cats, Minja (not to be confused with Nina, who was number 16) didn’t show up, probably because she was hiding from a “gang” of five females. Hopefully she’ll be hungry enough tomorrow to risk a trip to the gate where she’ll get food. Matt told me that if this were to go on, they’d have to lock the cheetahs that appeared into a smaller pen and then try to get her out to eat or, failing that, that volunteers needed to search the pen for her. As you see, the cheetahs here are all well-cared for. 😀

After lunch we got another task that was closely cheetah-related: we had to pick up cheetah poop and bones left over from previous meals. We got a tray full of poop-and-bones in the end, but working so close to the cheetahs that actually came to look at what we were doing was a great experience. We also fed the females in the pen close to the education center, but they didn’t really appreciate the meat today. Maybe they’re tired of donkey by now. 😉

Upon finishing these tasks and losing my cap on the road back (I got it back, though), we could see Little C standing on the hut in his pen. Another great photo opportunity. My thirst for new pictures is quenched. Well, maybe a little… for now.

The schedule for tomorrow is still to be announced, so I’ll just go to sleep now.