Cheetahs are fast

Well, you probably knew that already, but seeing them run is another thing. The Cheetah Run here at CCF actually is a nice way of experiencing their speed – when the cheetahs chase after the lure at 45 km/h, with one knowing they could easily make double that speed, one can’t help but be amazed. The way they use their tails as rudders and how they jump and try to grab the rag is really breathtaking.

After the run I got to do the feeding for the Leopard pens (Leopard because the CCF’s only pen suitable for a leopard is in the vicinity) which includes Cruise (who lives separated from the others since he’s really old by now) Obi-Wan, Anakin and two other cheetahs. Today was head day, meaning the four cheetahs (not Cruise since he’s aged so much he can’t eat it anymore) got a juicy donkey head. Yummy.

Following that, we were told what the shovels in the back are there for. Answer: for us. To be used in road maintenance, another strenuous job that we managed to successfully complete. The deepest hole was about a metre deep and probably had been dug by and aardvark, an animal with an obvious fondness for holes, digging holes and… err, holes.

The next thing on my schedule was Bellebenno again. We fed the cats once more using juicy donkey meat, but this time not one was missing, but three of them. They’re probably show up soon, since hunger is a good way of making a cat less shy.

Of all the activities today I got some high-definiton video footage for use in our project. We still need to start interviewing, but at least we got some stock footage to fill them in. In any case I’ll be going to sleep now, and I already know I’ll be sleeping well after another day full of hard, but somehow rewarding work.