Blisters, sun and cheetahs

Today I traded the Goat Kraal duty with Adeline, who seems to be allergic to the goats and/or sheep and/or dust here, so that she could do scanning instead and stay inside. Even though I didn’t finish until 9:40, I still wasn’t too late for the feeding, so everything was fine.

Our feeding run ended after we had supplied Leia (who has not really been eating enough the past few days due to her kidney problems) as well as Bella and Padme two of us stayed behind to get rid of grass and the hay-like dried grass on the ground for a paw-print study the CCF is conducting. Markus and I were both assigned to clean the car. Since we only had an underpowered vacuum cleaner as well as a pot full of water, washing liquid and an old CCF T-Shirt as a rag, this looked kind of improvised, but the car looks a lot better now. Well, it did when we washed it, but by tomorrow you probably won’t notice any difference anymore.

When people left for Bellebenno Damon and I were dropped off at the pen the others had been clearing earlier, and I got two nice blisters (one fully developed by now). Too bad I didn’t take any gloves with me, but then again I’m thinking they wouldn’t have changed too much. Anyway, I emptied a two-litre bottle and needed quite a few breaks, otherwise I might’ve fainted. The sun was really burning down and some of the roots were really stubborn. Plastic rakes are not worth any money at all, they bend and break too easily – just for the record.

I just helped Lily get rid of a supposedly virus-infected file (the Google Toolbar) from her computer, but I think it was just a false alarm due to an error in her virus definition files. But with so many computers, laptops and volunteers with flash drives around here you can never be too careful.

I’m now converting the first video files so I can finally start editing together what I already have.