Dust equals tan

My skin looks like I’ve been born here. Well, maybe not entirely so, but it’s certainly become a lot darker today… but this isn’t the sun’s fault, it’s dust.

The pen we cleared of virtually any vegetation besides trees yesterday got filled with sand today so that the cats that walk in there leave nice pawprints. We got the sand from the side of a road a little outside the CCF’s education center, and it certainly wasn’t easy work with all of the dust coming at you from all directions while shoveling. I was lucky to have another task that overlapped with this one, but as a result the poor others had to work even more. They did a marvelous job, though.

Markus and I “needed to” go on safari inside the girl’s (Elands) pen and join two professional photographers in order to get some video footage (I love my camera) and pictures of the girls. Especially the lovely Sandy helped us with that, posing for a long time. But the other kitties did a nice job as well, especially when they decided to roll over, yawn, or even groom each other. Absolutely fabulous. Even Amani behaved well today.

I hope I can start editing the footage tomorrow – all I need now are interviews of different people. I’ll try to snag some tomorrow… after I had a nice shower followed by long sleep to get rid of that dust…