Cloudy with a chance of rain

This was an exhausting day. It started with a goat kraal cleanup, only to be followed by hino tracking… however, it turned into acacia wrecking once more. After lunch, I had to help clean the Hogwarts pen near the clinic.

Cleaning meant, in this case, weeding around three of the cheetah’s favourite trees. This might sound easy, but once you get to know African vegetation, you’ll know why it wasn’t: the grass has extremely strong roots and is therefore hard to get out, the trees here have thorns, other vegetations makes it hard to rake stuff you removed out of the way and it’s hot as well.

I did, however, survive! Just remember to drink enough, as dehydration can ocurr quickly when working hard in the sun. Thankfully the clouds were on our side, covering the sun for most of the time we were busy weeding. However, we also heard thunder coming from the Waterberg plateau. It’s quite early for rain here, so we were naturally surprised (especially since I’m not really prepared for rain). It did not rain, though – yet. It’s quite possible that soon it’s going to rain, but I’m hoping only when I’m not outside… 😀