T-21 hours: luggage is heavy

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Yes, I know, lame title, but let me explain.

I’m allowed to bring 20 kilograms of luggage with me, plus 8 kg of carry-on luggage. After stuffing all the clothing needed for about three weeks of staying in Africa as well as a few gadgets into my bag, I have almost reached the limit and bringing more will cost me money. Also, my trolley already weighs in at 3.6 kilograms, making it difficult to keep below the limit when your laptop adds two more to that. This will require some fiddling, I guess.

In any case, I’ll be departing from Frankfurt in a little less than 21 hours. My mother’s been acting excitedly all day long, but I managed to keep cool so far, but now, the nervousness is slowly affecting me as well. This will be my first time flying alone, and it’s quite an exciting thought. So far, I’ve been following the CCF’s Namibia volunteer guide closely (you can find it on the right side of the page detailing how volunteering in Namibia looks like), and I must say it’s good it exists… I’m sure I would forget a lot of things without it.