T+69 hours: Windhoek

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Yesterday as well as today I was able to go into town a bit. I was told a lot about the city, but also how to behave. If you look like a tourist, act like a tourist and think like a tourist, you may not be really safe, especially in less crowded areas.

Everything went nice, though. The people here in Windhoek are very nice, a lot of them seem to be smiling all the time. As I had suspected, the traffic here is quite different from Germany, though. Rules don’t seem to be enforced (in fact, there hardly seems to be police on the streets) and driving on the left side of the road is something I’ll still have to get used to.

Today, I ate at Ocean Basket, a very nice restaurant with very tasty and affordable meals, sent a few postcards to Germany and, since I had plenty of time back at Bwanapolis and figured it was something useful, I translated the English Wikipedia article about the Cheetah Conservation Fund and, after a few enhancements, created the German version. I hope I’ll be able to show it to someone at CCF who speaks German so they can look it over.