T+188 hours: Cheetahs!

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Touched my first cheetah today. She may have been asleep, but… 😀

But let’s start from the beginning. The first thing today was a Cheetah Run with our Hogwarts kitties. As before with the females, this was very nice to watch. Obviously, it was another chance to get great shots of them chasing behind that red piece of cloth attached to the line.

After that, things got a little confusing. I was originally supposed to clean the goat pen, but since we had to relocate Armadillo, a very, very big male cheetah, from one of the quarantine pens to another enclosure, I helped with that. He was supposed to get into a locked corridor for us to be able to put one of the carring boxes in front of the entrance, but he’s quite smart and we’re kind of slow compared to him. He managed to escape twice before we finally trapped him inside and got him in the box.

Following that, the cheetah that arrived yesterday had to be anaesthesized for the workup. We estimated her (it turned out she’s really a she as opposed to Harry) to weigh about 38 kg, but after hearing her fall over in her box ten minutes later, we got her out and weighed her. She weighs 43 kg, and we were kind of afraid the anaesthesia we had injected wouldn’t be sufficient for her weight, but everything went fine. We examined her closely, took some skin samples and examined her teeth. Apparently, she needs to go to the dentist. I wonder if she’d appreciate one taking care of her. In any case, I got to help and also touch her. Cheetah fur is strangely rough, but nice to the touch. I just know I loved it.

Tomorrow, I’ll be helping with a 12-hour game count. That’s going to be exhausting, I bet.