T+433 hours: Last day at the CCF…

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…and nobody of us is happy about it.

Yesterday, apart from my usual work, I checked the camera traps together with Rob and Laura (I think… I’m bad at remembering names!) and in the evening we did our game count. Nothing exciting happened – all we saw was a bunch of rabbits, an oryx and the odd wild cat. I almost fell asleep, but not because it was boring, I was just so tired from the day’s work.

Today, Miriam, Hillard and my humble self had the task of cleaning the leopard, quarantine and center pens as well as doing the feeding. Kate and Matt decided it was time for two of the cheetahs (Armadillo and another one whose name I don’t recall right now) to get to know each other, and therefore removed a part of the screen separating two enclosures (of course, they didn’t remove the fence altogether).

Ooooh, and I got to meet the cubs! So cute! It’s unbelievable how small they really are, barely bigger than housecat kittens. They were very curious, noisy (constant purr) and so sweet. One of them licked my arm for a full minute (if not more) until it began to hurt. Hmm, yummy humans. Have some pictures!

Curious cheetah cub Another cheetah cub ...another one of the cubs!

The evening was not as joyous, though – we had a great barbecue with all kinds of meat (pork, oryx and beef, if I remember correctly). We said goodbye to everyone and also got a small bag with flyers, a certificate (I’m cheetah certified!) as well as a great personalized DVD with pictures and the ID records of most of the CCF’s cheetahs. It was quite sad, but all good things have to come to an end.

Tomorrow’s going to be hard – I’ll have to say goodbye to the cheetahs as well 🙁