Why don’t I have a sunburn yet?

This is the question I’m asking myself now for more than two weeks – I usually get a sunburn very quickly, even tho I usually only walk around (and not much) in Germany and I don’t really sunbaths either. Yesterday I experimented and decided not to put on any sunscreen at all, but I still didn’t even get reddish. Guess the sun’s not being so bad after all.
We worked more in the Eland’s (that’s the girl’s) pen , more specifically on scuffling around the fences in order to reduce the risk of fires damaging the fences. The last few days have been extremely cloudy, with winds and humidity indicating the rainy season’s about to start already – much too soon, considering the season won’t probably last longer than it usually does, possibly leading to severe problems once it’s over and no more rain falls to replenish the ground water here (which is only 1 % of all rain anyway).
It was really hot, with the sun burning down on us while we were working hard – not the best way to motivate you for work. Sandy watched us while we made our way towards her favourite lazing corner and actually stayed there when we arrived, observing us curiously before walking one tree further and flopping down in its shade. Awesome. I wish I could’ve joined her. Fortunately, the clouds finally covered the sun and it got easier to work.
We worked until 17:05 when Matt finally picked us up. Took quite a while, since he was also feeding the cats in the pen (it was Head Day) and because they had to look for Leia first before picking us up. She doesn’t seem to be getting better, but we can still hope. Poor cat.

Adeline is leaving us tomorrow and desperately trying to check into her flight from here. The Internet connection’s not really stable today, so I hope this actually gets gets when I press Publish posted…

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